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News in the current year 2016

With this feature the operator of the CAR-READER 
can be informed by email if there are any incidences.
This function can also be customized:
Already realized is:
- Daily sending of the journal
- Daily sending of the statistics
- Hourly sending of context images
- Blacklisted plate appears to drive in
- Overtime of presence

Rental Car Company
Different locations of a big rental car company
are equipped with decentral logic for 
license plate recognition.

Parking place management system BIS ASCE
Integration of the CAR-READER to the parking management system 
BIS ASCE of the company Bosch Security Systems.

Integration of the CAR-READER to the car service station system
 KIC-Online of the company Gudat Consulting and realization of projekts.
Integration of the CAR-READER to the Visitor management system of the company ASTRUM IT GmbH and 
realization of a project at Infineon Regensburg.

Extension of the data exchange with third party systems:
Listen to a server socket connection and performing of commands.
I.e.: SET_WHITELIST: A new record is written into the white list.

Large scale projects
The CAR-READER administrates large scale projects with up to 
30 cameras at one CPU.

Truck management system
Integration of the CAR-READER to the truck management system 
at the company Continental Ingolstadt with request of the
data base for access control.


Allocation to 25 different countries possible.

New solution for smart single place control:


Service for CAR-READER version 3.3 available

Integration of Avigilion camera by RTSP


Professional article in PROTECTOR 
- Zeitschrift für Sicherheitstechnik & Wirtschaftsschutz -
PDF-Datei Kennzeichenerkennung als Management-Tool

CAR-READER is now available in French!


05. Juli 2012 CAR-READER Partner Day in Regensburg

27. - 30. März 2012 Intertraffic, Amsterdam
Presentation of the CAR-READER with the camera module FCB-EH6300
at the booth of Sony


Move of the company in larger office rooms with separate training- and showroom:
Prinz-Rupprecht-Str. 1
93053 Regensburg

Market launch of CAR-READER's version 3
with a lot of installations in the year 2011 interior and abroad:
- Hospital in Austria
- airport in Poland
- Camping space in Spain and Italy
- Messuring station in France
- Checkpoint in Serbia
- Hotel in Uzbekistan
- Large company in Israel
- truck acces in Lithuenia
- Company in Switzerland