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November 2009
Professional article from PROTECTOR 11/09, S. 36
external Link Einsatz von Kennzeichenerkennungssystemen: "Erkennen, sparen, schützen"

Market survey "Systems for Number Plate Recognition" in professional journal "Protector":
external LinkKennzeichenerkennungssysteme 2009

Mobotix practise report of our partner VALEO IT Neteye GmbH:
Plate recognition at Fronius International GmbH
external Link Komplettsystem mit MOBOTIX HiRes-Kameras
You find this report also on the online portal of PROTECTOR and W&S:
external Link Fronius International durch Kameras geschützt

Our company portrait on the pages of the Regensburger IT-Speicher:
external Link Unternehmensportrait Schmitz GmbH

The pages of our reseller VALEO IT Neteye GmbH in Germany:
external Link Lösungen zur Kennzeichenerkennung

First NETAVIS CAR-READER training:
external Link Workshop 2006

Admission in the product platform of PRO-4-PRO:
external Link Products for Professionals

October 2004
Lecture of Peter Schmitz within the scope of the software offensive Bavaria of the Bavarian state government on the Systems fair in 2004 with the subject "High tech scanning for searched plates":
Lecture no longer available!

"CAR-READER system of the Schmitz GmbH protects Siemens-facility" / on the pages of the Regensburger IT-Speicher:
Lecture no longer available!

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Publications in trade journals

Author: Peter Schmitz

Issue 11/09
PROTECTOR - external Link (Artikel)
"Einsatz von Kennzeichenerkennungssystemen: Erkennen, sparen, schützen", (Seite 36)

Issue 06/07
Logistik für Unternehmen - external Link
"Containerterminal Ennshafen setzt Kennzeichenerkennung für LKW-Zufahrtskontrolle ein" Page 82)

Issue 09/05
GIT Sicherheit - external Link
"Kennzeichenerkennung und digitale Netzwerkkameras", (Page 32)

Issue 10/04
W+S Industrie/ Produktion - external Link
"Blick auf die Nummer", (Page 34)

Autor: Redaktion

Ausgabe 07/05
Tankstelle - external Link
"Schlechte Zeiten für Betrüger ", (Page 32)
(Subject: Application of our CAR-READER in filling stations)

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Market survey:

The European technical periodical for security "Protector" publishes annually in November a market survey "Systems for Number Plate Recognition".
The actual, complete overview is retrievable on the Internet.
external LinkKennzeichenerkennungssysteme 2009

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