Not all applications can be implemented in a data protection-compliant manner

The technology of license plate recognition / vehicle identification has long been used for a wide variety of applications.
We can tell you which precautions you should take in each case to be on the safe side in terms of data protection.

Access control
Access control / barrier opening

Automatic opening of barriers or gates can be linked to groups or time profiles.

Vehicle counting
Statistics for shopping centers

The affiliation to countries or administrative districts, the access distribution over the day or the attendance duration can be evaluated.

Vehicle movements
Documentation of vehicle movements

Each event is archived with additional data as far as permitted and can be researched via filters.

Vehicle count

The occupancy status can be output in the program as a list or as a graphic or on an external display.

Logistics with traffic light + display control

Various processes can be displayed via traffic lights, displays or interfaces.

Interfaces to customer systems
Interfaces to customer systems

Data can be transferred both externally to the CAR-READER and in real time to external systems.