Bosch Security and Safety Systems GmbH subsidiaries use CAR-READER® for access control.

Bosch cameras of the Flexidome, Starlight or Dinion Capture series are integrated into the CAR-READER® system.

Building Integration Systems (BIS)

Via an interface to the Access Engine (ACE) software, CAR-READER® is a component within the Building Integration System (BIS).

Bosch BIS

Bosch IoT-Suite

A further interface is used to connect to the Bosch IoT Suite.

Schematic representation of the IoT-Interface:

Basic concept of the IoT-Interface:

Bosch cameras

For license plate recognition

Flexidome integrated in CAR-READER® column.
Dinion IP Bullet for pole, wall and ceiling mounting.
Dinion Capture for pole, wall and ceiling mounting.

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Use of Bosch cameras


BIS-ACE Connection

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