Our long-term partner VALEO IT Neteye GmbH is Mobotix Diamond Partner 2021 and Mobotix SOLUTION Partner.

For the realization of access control systems, it successfully uses the CAR-READER® system.

CAR-READER® supports Mobotix cameras and solutions

Smart Data Interface (MxSDI)

MxSDI is used to receive and store data from external devices in the network via HTTP/HTTPS in the Mobotix IoT camera.
Later, the data can be linked to images and clips from the camera in the Mobotix Management Center (MxMC).

Mobotix MxSDI

License plate recognition integrated in camera

Another highlight is the CAR-READER® plugin for the Mobotix Mx73 platform for license plate recognition.

VALEO IT Neteye GmbH

Maximilianstr. 6 · 92421 Schwandorf
Phone.: +49 9431 56094-0
Mobile: +49 175 2045434

E-Mail: nbreidbach@valeo-it.de
Internet: www.kennzeichenerkennung.com


If you have any questions about Mobotix cameras and everything related to them, the CEO Mr. Breidbach will be happy to help you there.